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Keep compliant with a simple, yet comprehensive solution to gathering your patient feedback!

Receiving regular patient feedback is a must for every practice! Not only does it help with driving the practice forward, but also ensures compliance with the CQC and, more recently, meets the new requirements imposed by NHS England in relation to the Friends and Family Test (FFT). So, to make life a little easier, we've teamed up with market-leading providers of patient communication software, MEDiVision, to secure two great patient survey packages.

Friends and Family Test Survey – from April 2015, there’s a mandatory requirement for all practices holding an NHS contract in England to collect responses from patients to a simple question, ‘How likely are you to recommend our dental practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?’ and then provide the results to the NHS on a monthly basis. MEDiVision have produced a simple online solution to facilitate this requirement in the form of their ‘FFT Survey’.

Full Online Patient Survey – this survey delves deeper into your customer experience, giving your patients the opportunity to provide you with honest feedback, which ultimately highlights the areas in which your practice is excelling as well as the areas that need improving.

As a Practice Plan Platinum Member, if you opt for both surveys, we've secured a £15 per month (plus VAT) discount. Plus, you can try before you buy with a FREE one month trial! Make sure you're logged in to receive your exclusive discount code.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Keeps you compliant – as well as meeting current CQC requirements by retaining regular patient feedback, these surveys comply with the upcoming legislation for NHS practices to have a Friends and Family Test (FFT) in place.
  • Short and simple survey for patients – this short, multiple-choice survey allows patients to complete it in just a few short minutes. Plus, if it’s not convenient for them to fill it in there and then, there’s even an option to send them a link so they can do it another time.
  • Simple and easy set-up – providing you’ve got an internet connected PC, then MEDiVision can get you set up and started almost instantly.
  • Identify areas for improvements – the feedback from the survey can help to identify the areas which require improvement, ready for practical action to be taken.
  • Benchmarks you against other practices - you can see how you're performing against other practices' just like yours, allowing you to decide whether or not you need to up your game.

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Patient Survey example

Of course, as well as the surveys sharing some key features and benefits, they also have some of their own too. Read on to take a look at what these are...

Patient surveys

Provides simple and useful feedback to your staff – you can personalise the surveys to each member of the team so that you can gather useful feedback which can be used in staff appraisals.

Friends and Family Test

Easily display your results - the NHS England requirements state you need to display and update your practice's feedback score at the end of each month. To make this easy, the FFT survey averages out your scores and configures a printable certificate which displays your results.