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Looking for a more interactive way to educate your patients and promote the treatments you have to offer? The MEDiVision Website animation solution could help you do just that!

The MediVision website animation offers an ever-evolving collection of treatment videos which can be hosted on your website. There's something to suit every type of practice, allowing you to pick and choose the videos which help to showcase the treatments you have on offer to your patients. What's more, they're great for advising and educating your patients on oral care and hygiene too. 

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Key Features and Benefits
  • Provides dental education to patients – videos are designed to specifically inform patients of techniques which can help to improve oral hygiene.
  • Showcases the treatments you have to offer – allows your patients to see what treatments you have to offer in your practice, helping to generate additional enquiries from more of your patients.
  • Keeps your website engaging – now-a-days, a website is where most potential patients start their journey with your practice. These treatment videos are short, allowing you to quickly and visually demonstrate treatments; no lengthy, jargon-filled explanations needed!
  • Exciting and engaging content - with optional voiceover and snippet play this solution will bring your website to life and promote longer browsing capabilities. 

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So, how does it work?
WebPak Online gives you access to an entire library of MEDiVision’s latest animations which cover everything from general dentistry and orthodontics to implant dentistry and facial aesthetics. Want to see some examples? Simply visit the MEDiVision website to take a look.

Once you’ve signed up to WebPak Online, MEDiVision will give you access to all the information you need to get started.