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Evaluating the reasons for converting to private practice


If you're thinking about your future within NHS dentistry and what a move to private dentistry would look like, then you're in the right place!

NHS dentistry is changing and what its future looks like remains uncertain. Although prototypes for the new contract have been commissioned, it's not clear what the final version will contain and how this will impact NHS dentistry and your practice.

Added to this uncertainty is the notion that, with no expected increase in the NHS dentistry budget, increasing demands being placed on dental practices from initiatives like the Quality Assurance Framework and Friends and Family Test and increases in costs and fees, dental professionals may find themselves doing a lot more to receive less.

Although the details above may only directly affect practices operating within NHS England, Welsh and Scottish practices may not be immune to similar changes in the future, so if you want to evaluate your options and are interested in understanding how we can help you do this, please read on.

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