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NHS Dentistry Insights

NHS Dentistry Insights

How confident is the profession in the future of NHS dentistry?

Want to know what your peers, key opinion leaders and the industry think about the future of the NHS? Well, you're in the right place because we've developed NHS Dentistry Insights to do just that!

This initiative has been set up to track the professions' confidence levels in the future of NHS dentistry and offer insight into what people like you think about dentistry today and the contract reforms.

Tracking confidence - the NHS Confidence Monitor

To track the professions' confidence levels we've commissioned a set of comprehensive surveys, called the NHS Confidence Monitor, which asks NHS dental professionals (NHS providers and performers) to rate their confidence in the future of NHS dentistry across five key statements. Two surveys have already been conducted, the results of which can be found here, and it will be repeated every six months. All the results will be calculated and monitored over the next 12-18 months to track how confidence ebbs and flows as information is released on the contract reforms.

An industry wide view - Insights Panel

To offer a more rounded and reflective view of what the profession are truly thinking, we'll also bring together a number of dentists and key opinion leaders in the form of an Insights Panel. They will discuss the findings from the NHS Confidence Monitor survey and offer their independent view on it. Each panel member is specifically chosen to give a voice to the different sectors of the profession, so we can collate an industry wide view, or views.

So, now you know a little more about the NHS Dentistry Insights why not take a look at the results of the NHS Confidence Monitor, find out who the panel members are, or take a look at some of the industry views so far?

Information will be updated regularly, so make sure you check back for more.

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Latest NHS Confidence Monitor Results
Explore the second results with the insights panel

Take a look at the results from the latest NHS Confidence Monitor survey.

Following the release of the second NHS Confidence Monitor results, our Insights Panel met to explore them in greater depth. Read more about what they had to say right here... 

Say what - the industry's opinion on the NHS Confidence Monitor Results
An interview with Simon Thackeray
An interview with Nairn Wilson
The 1st Confidence Monitor and Insights Panel results

See what your peers, key opinion leaders and top industry consultants think about the first NHS Confidence Monitor results

Read what prominent dentist, Simon Thackeray thinks about the results of the second NHS Confidence Monitor and the future of NHS dentistry...

We interviewed Professor Nairn Wilson to capture his thoughts on the latest results! See what he had to say here.

Take a look back on the results from the first NHS Confidence Monitor, what people in the profession had to say about it and discussions from the first Insights Panel.