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Adding to the debate

We've brought together a group of dentists and key opinion leaders from across the spectrum of the profession to offer insight into and debate on the results from the second NHS Confidence Monitor.

Their opinions will be released soon, but for now, why not take a minute to get to know who they are.

Insights Panel member - Eddie Crouch
Eddie Crouch

Eddie is the Principal of a practice in Birmingham. He is also Secretary of the Birmingham Local Dental Committee, a Member of the British Dental Association and immediate past Chair of Central Counties Branch of the British Dental Association.

Aside from his time practising, Eddie has also worked on projects associated with NHS contract reform, which means he’s familiar with the way the system works and has seen how it has changed over the years.

Insights Panel member - Andrew Lockhart-Mirams
Andrew Lockhart-Mirams

Andrew co-founded Lockharts Solicitors following 15 years of primary care regulatory and contract work at a highly respected healthcare firm.

He now advises practitioners on a number of issues, contributes to the healthcare press and lectures across England.

Andrew's name was added to the BDA’s Roll of Distinction for Outstanding Service to UK Dentistry – he is the only solicitor to have received this.

Insights Panel member - Sarah Franks
Sarah Franks

Sarah is a newly qualified dentist who is undertaking further foundation training in London.

She was President of the Birmingham University Dental Students Society 2011-12 and 2012-13 and was also an active member of the organising committee for the European Dental Student Association Conference in 2013. Amazingly, she was also the 2013-14 President of the British Dental Student Association.

Insights Panel member - Brian Westbury
Brian Westbury

A general dental practitioner for over 35 years, Brian has worked within both the NHS and private practice and has served as secretary for several LDCs, including chairing the LDC Conference in 1999.

Brian joined Dental Protection in 1998 and is currently the Senior Dento-legal Adviser.

Retiring from practice in 2008, Brian now keeps his fingers wet by volunteering in Tanzania with Bridge2Aid.

Insights Panel member- Judith Husbands
Judith Husband

Judith Husband is a clinical dentist working in Bullingdon Prison.

She was elected to the Principal Executive Committee (PEC) in 2012 and has been a Non-Executive Director of the BDA since 2006 - holding formal qualifications and previously serving as Deputy Chair of the Executive Board and Chair of Education and Standards Committee.

Also a previous Chair of Audit Committee and current Chair of Education, Ethics and the Dental Team Working Group, she was also President of the British Dental Students' Association which initiated her zeal for dental politics and belief that involvement is key to supporting each other and our patient's health.