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Results of the second Confidence Monitor

Results from the second NHS Confidence Monitor

The NHS Confidence Monitor is a set of fully comprehensive surveys asking NHS professionals to rate their confidence levels in the future of NHS dentistry. These surveys will be carried out at six month intervals to track this confidence level whilst new information and detail is released on the NHS contract reforms.

Questions asked:

Each survey will ask NHS providers and performers to rate their confidence levels on five key statements covering:

  • Their future career prospects
  • Getting the balance of treatment vs. prevention right
  • Remuneration levels
  • The ability for the team to work effectively within the NHS
  • And, if patients will be happy with the level of care provided.

Once the results of each Confidence Monitor have been published, a panel of key opinion leaders and dentists, called the Insights Panel, will come together to discuss the findings within the context of the current environment and view of the profession.

The second survey was conducted in May and June of this year and included 265 responses from dental professionals.

View the results from the second NHS Confidence Monitor now.