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Increase Treatment Uptake


Increasing your treatment uptake is a mixture of balancing your organisational skills, providing a supportive environment and aiding communication between your patients and dental team.

If your patients are given the resources to make informed decisions, your team are able to communicate the best solutions and your practice provides the means to make each treatment plan affordable, then this will increase your turnover. Sounds easy? Well we understand that it can be tricky so we have a range of services to help achieve the right balance for you.

Key Services

Forget complicated theories and expensive strategies...this year’s Practice Plan Workshop Tour is all about ACTION! Join Richard Collard and Les Jones for our most practical workshop yet!

What Next for NHS Dentistry?

Before the summer, Practice Plan hosted a number of expert panel events focussing on the April 2020 dental contract reform. We are now busy planning more of these events to take place in the Autumn.

Regional events

Join us at one of our Regional Events packed with useful tips and advice on attracting and retaining patients.

Are You Ready to Break Free from the NHS?

Join us at our fact-finder workshops, where we'll talk you through how to successfully move from NHS to private dentistry!

Patient finance eating the elephant article

Simon Tucker discusses patient finance and how making treatment more affordable makes it easier for patients to say YES!

Online patient booking with Toothpick.com

Can patients book dental appointments at your practice online? It's the future, don't get left behind!