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Did you know that 50% of online dental appointments are made outside of practice opening hours?

Have you thought about how a more convenient online appointment booking system could help overcome a depleting diary in your practice? Your patients will love it because it means they can book appointments outside of practice hours, making filling gaps in your diary so much easier and with very little extra work.

Sound interesting and need some help in making it happen? We've teamed up with Toothpick.com to bring our Platinum members an exclusive discount on the set-up fee; an offer so good, it'd be crazy not to give it a try!

Key Features and Benefits
  • Accept new patient consultations online in a safe and controlled way - the only information that new patients will see is your practice details and any appointments that are available for them to book.
  • Reduces the pressure of marketing your practice! Rather than spending the time and money investing in a whole marketing campaign designed to attract new patients, all you need to do is get listed, manage your profile and let new patients find you!
  • Increases chair time utilisation - Toothpick gives you the ability to advertise your cancelled appointments instantly. This will reach 1000s of dental patients who are potentially looking for last-minute appointments! 
  • Your practice is constantly visible to patients - Toothpick.com is available 24/7 so you are always exposed to new booking opportunities. 
  • Helps you to provide consistently high levels of customer service - you can reduce the pressure put on your reception staff so they aren't trying to do three or four things all at once, allowing them to focus on patient care within the practice.
  • Minimal commitment - there's no tie-in with Toothpick. By becoming a member you can get free installation of the service which allows you to test how well the service works to recruit your first ten patients! After that, the choice is yours; do you continue with the service or cancel it?

Visit Toothpick.com to start using this service right away.

Installation - £99*.
5 free new patients.
Ongoing monthly fee - £99*

By becoming a Platinum Member you can take advantage of free installation of Toothpick and earn yourself 10 new patients!

Platinum Members:

Log in to find out how you can trial out the toothpick service for FREE.

*exclusive of VAT.

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When you become listed, your practice profile will be recognised by Google and support a high ranking when a search is carried out. Patient reviews are also displayed, after verification, which will help other potential new patients make a decision and further support your search engine optimisation.

If you want to take a look at the Toothpick service, head over to their website, click here.

We booked £12,000+ worth of treatments out of hours in March 2013.”

Dr Rahul Doshi