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Patient Reactivation

Re-engage with lapsed patients

Dentistry is a highly competitive arena and many practices are looking for a simple way to keep their patient numbers where they want them to be.

Although attracting new patients may seem like an easier option to help keep your patient numbers up, it may be worth thinking about how much keeping an existing customer costs too. Research shows that it is in fact 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.

With this in mind, how much would you be prepared pay to get your ‘lapsed’ patients back into your practice?

This is where dental marketing agency, World of Mouth Marketing, can help you and your business. They utilise voice marketing techniques to drive lost patients back into your chair and convert them into paying clients quickly and cost effectively.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Gets your marketing budget working harder for you - calling and reactivating your lapsed patients requires a much smaller marketing investment than would be required to attract a new patient into your practice by using World Of Mouth Marketing.
  • You only pay per appointment made - World Of Mouth Marketing work on a pay-per-appointment basis, which means there's no financial exposure for practices unless an appointment is made. What's more, new appointment bookings will appear automatically in your electronic diary.
  • Leave the hard work to the experts - by using World Of Mouth Marketing's services, there's no pressure on you to brief, manage, monitor and motivate an in-house team to do the job, leaving your team to do what they do best…care for your patients.
  • Dedicated team of skilled voice marketers - World Of Mouth Marketing have a team of experienced and motivated marketing specialists who spend the time to understand your patients and your practice tone of voice.
  • Patient data cleansing exercise - as well as reactivating lapsed patients, World Of Mouth Marketing are able to remotely extract your patient data from EXACT and R4, taking the hassle away from you. They'll then ensure that all of the information you hold for lapsed patients is up-to-date and ready for future use.
  • Re-engage with your unsold treatment plans - World of Mouth Marketing are able help you to re-engage with patients who have an unsold treatment plan to get them back to your practice to agree the best way to move forward.


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Patient reactivation supporting image - new customers are 6 to 7 times more costly than existing ones

Don't forget, World of Mouth Marketing will only charge you a fee once an appointment has been secured with your patient – you can’t ask for fairer than that; no catches, just patients coming back through your door!

It works brilliantly! We added an extra dentist and I thought it could be a good way to get them busy. Our turnover is up 20% in 2013 - our best ever year!”

Dr David Gates - Linden Dental Centre