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Why think about converting to private practice?

Converting was the best business decision I made

More independence, control and the potential to grow a more profitable business.

Along with the above, working privately offers you greater clinical freedom and often a better work-life balance.

The benefits of 'going private' are:

A wider range of treatments - Offering private care opens the doors to the range of treatments and treatment options you can offer your patients, giving you more clinical freedom.

Greater control - you're more in control of your practice because you set the pace and rules on how you work and plan for your future. You take back the control of your practice to develop it the way you want to.

More freedom - because you're more in control of the treatments you offer, how many patients you see and how your consultations are structured, you have the freedom to determine what your working day looks like. Most dentists who go private also feel able to offer patients more time, leaving them feeling more relaxed.

Potential to grow - with the right amount of specialist support, you'll be able to move your practice to the heights you want, unrestricted by external targets. The only targets you'll have are those you've set yourself.


Why consider a patient membership plan?

The benefits of introducing a patient membership plan are many, here the one and only Shelia Scott takes you through some of them:

This is the best way most practices can organise visits to keep patients healthy - what we now know about membership plans, is that patients who join them attend for their dental health checks and hygiene visits much more regularly than non-membership patients. They engage more readily with their dental health, and become healthier quicker than private or NHS patients – they tend not to let their appointments slip.*

Build interest in other treatments from patients - although membership patients tend to require less restorative treatment than other patients (due to higher levels of health), they can also opt for more elective treatments – they become more interested in the development of their healthy smiles.*

Build a regular income - calculated correctly, a membership plan gives you a regular monthly income you can count on, giving you a firm financial structure to maintain or grow your business from.

Maintain the bond with your patients - a plan which can be branded to your practice keeps the bond your patients have with you and your practice between you and your practice, not a third party.

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*These statements are evidenced from Sheila’s own experience, and from a growing file of comparative audit reports collected by mixed private and Practice Plan practices.