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Exhibitionist - Chris Brown
By Les Jones
Chris Brown is the driving force behind the industry's fastest growing annual exhibition - Dentistry Show. The show is organised by CloserStill Media, a company with a growing portfolio of Healthcare related exhibitions, a reputation for thinking differently and approach that is focused on long-term sustainability above short-term profit. Les Jones went to meet Chris at the company's headquarters in West London to get the low down and top tips for making the most of the exhibition.
Visionary Dentistry
By Les Jones
Dental industry interview with Ken Finlayson. Now in his third period as owner and MD of dental publishing giants FMC. He's tried leaving, but fate, fulfilment and fascination have reeled him in again. This time he's here to stay and he has a powerful vision of where the publishing house is heading. Les Jones met Ken for a coffee and a chat at St. Pancras Station in north London.
Rulebreaker - Lance Knight and dental practices in supermarkets
By Les Jones
Lance Knight is on a mission to change the face of dentistry. He understands what the customer wants and where they want it. Which is why he now has four dental practices... in supermarkets. It's a juicy proposition that customers are finding hard to resist. Oh, and one more thing...he wears jeans to work! Find out more in our interview with dentist Lance Knight
An interview with Mick Armstrong
By Practice Plan
Mick Armstrong became Chair of the BDA eighteen months ago at a time of turmoil and uncertainty. Step by step he is  re-establishing its credibility, voice and influence across the dental industry. His straight-talking and strongly opinionated approach has ruffled a few feathers but won many admirers. In an interview with The Business of Dentistry Magazine, Mick shares his views on the future of the BDA and dentistry in the UK.
Man on a Mission - James Goolnik
By Laura Byrne & Les Jones
James Goolnik is a man to watch. Voted no.1 most influential person in dentistry twice, his award-winning practice in London has pushed the boundaries of practice design and innovation. However, James has wider ambitions...to re-energise the profession and change the public view of dentistry through his 'Heart Your Smile' campaign. We caught up with James to find out more about the man and his mission.
E-volutionary - Learning Programmes for Dentists
By Les Jones
Smile-on is a specialist healthcare educational company that works with many leading universities to create and deliver innovative blended learning programmes for dentists. Utilising technology and the web to provide learning solutions that are tailored to the needs of the learner. It's an approach that is transforming the learning environment in dentistry. We catch up with them... How Smile-on are tailoring to the needs of the learner and transforming the learning environment in dentistry
By Les Jones
There’s a new breed of dentist emerging...creative, innovative and business-savvy. They’re challenging the status quo and coming up with new ideas, new products and new services. What’s more, they have the drive and energy to bring their ideas to market. We’ve labelled them...Dentrepreneurs!
Ashley Latter: The Interview
By Les Jones
Ashley latter is one of the Dental Industry’s leading trainers and consultants. Over 6,500 dental professionals have attended his ‘Ethical Selling’ Course and his influence on the industry continues to grow to such an extent that he has now become a verb! Les Jones went to find out what it’s like to be ‘Lattered’.