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Would Your Surgery Insurance Policy Pass a Health Check?
By Mark Blakeman
Mark Blakeman, National Sales Manager at Wesleyan Medical Sickness, considers what dental practices should be looking at to ensure they are properly insured.
Non-Fee-Earning Staff Costs as a Percentage of Gross Fee Income
By Graham Penfold
Staff costs are one of the largest and important overheads of a dental practice. Therefore understanding the general rules for non-fee earning staff as a percentage gross fee income will help you run a well-managed practice. Find out how...
New Tax Year, New Financial Start
By money4dentists
For most of us, a new tax year is just another day but in actual fact it can symbolise a fresh start, making the most of the new tax year's limits. money4dentists walks us through the changes that came into effect during 2013 and how to make the most of your finances.
Key Performance Indicators - unlocking the answers to business success
By Carol Groombridge
You might be holding steady on dental income, but costs continue to go up, and for many practices, net profit continues to fall. It hits your pocket. To increase treatment pricing may not be an option. So what can you do to improve your financial performance? Leading dental consultant, Carol Groombridge looks at the benefits of using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your business.
Everything's negotiable - how to negotiate with confidence
By Fiona Stuart-Wilson
Ask almost any practice owner or manager if they are concerned with keeping practice costs down and the answer will most certainly be a resounding YES. Being able to negotiate with confidence with your suppliers is an essential part of making sure that you are getting the best deal and value for money, and making sure expenses stay under control. Dental Consultant Fiona Stuart-Wilson tells us how...
Is the Goodwill of my Practice Secure?
By Ian Crompton
For many dentists, the final size of their retirement pot is dependent largely on how much they can sell their practice for. However, there are many factors that can influence the sale price of a practice. Ian Crompton, from Lloyds Bank, attempts to answer the big question on many dentists' lips...
Debunking the Myth - Small Business Accounting
By Nick Ledingham
Dentists, for the majority, make their living through what is essentially a small business. Yet dentists are ill-prepared through their training for the role of businessmen. Nick Ledingham walks us through the essentials of knowing your accounts better.
Ask the Experts - Financial Aspects of Running a Practice
By Practice Plan
We ask the dental consultant experts to answer all the burning questions on all things financial when running a dental practice.
Do Your Associate Fee Numbers Stack Up?
By Sheila Scott
Sheila Scott has been working with a number of practices to help understand why their profits have reduced and more importantly, to find ways of improving the bottom line. In the last few months of 2013 she found four practices making a fundamental error in calculating a planned share of income. Read on to discover her thoughts on associate pay and rewards.
Real savings on consumables
By Steve Brown
Steve Brown, Key Accounts Manager at Dental Directory, offers some useful hints and tips on how to make the most of your dental supplier this year.
Do you have the financial support you need?
By Wesleyan
Read on to find out how Wesleyan can provide both financial guidance and support to you and your practice.