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The Formula of Effective Selling
By Richard Collard
Richard Collard from Medenta breaks down the effective selling 'trust equation', something that, once understood, can be effectively used in dental practices. So that when it comes to your dental team talking to your patients, you can feel confident that you have your patient's best interests in mind.
Why your practice needs Raving Fans
By Laura Jones
Laura reviews the book ‘Raving Fans – A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service’ by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles where she discovers all successful businesses have one common central focus – their customers
We Love Design
By Nick Powell
Whether you are aware of it or not, design has a huge influence in our everyday lives. The power of design shouldn’t be underestimated - it can affect how you feel and influence your decisions - so take control of it.
Tips to Develop Your Twitter Account
By Brendon Macdonald
Brendon Macdonald discusses how to be more strategic with your social media marketing, specifically your Twitter account, with advanced tactics to help drive traffic and generate leads for your dental practice.
The Power of the Public Relations Communication Tool
By Gemma Barker
Gemma Godman is Managing Director for GG Communications. A marketing and PR guru, you could say that she has a fair amount of experience when it comes to communication. In this article she talks about the power of public relations as an effective communication tool for your dental practice and why you should always be thinking of what stories you can be telling by following a simple 'how to' guide.
The Cookie and the Bread Roll - A Morality Tale of Customer Service
By Les Jones
Les Jones discusses 'wow' moments of creativity that can exceed customers' expectations and how, by following a few tips, you could refresh your customer journey to stimulate conversations by your patients that could result in referrals for your dental practice.
Retail therapy in dental practices
Making the most of potential income
By Les Jones
Every dental practice is a retail environment, but you wouldn't know it based on the way products are currently displayed. Not only is potential income being lost each day, but the customer is missing out on the chance to save themselves time and money. Les Jones takes a look (but no touch) at dental practice retail.
Opportunity Knocks - Selling More Dental Treatments
By Intentor Media Screens
If someone said that you are passing up an opportunity everyday in your dental practice to sell more treatments, would you be shocked? And what if someone then told you that it all took place in your waiting room without you even there?
Nobody uses search engines to look for a dentist on the internet do they?
By Steve Harris
Organisations have different opinions about the benefits of a website; some believe that a good website can be used to help significantly grow their business, others believe that websites are optional and of little value. Steve Harris of web specialists Polymorph puts the business case for investing in your dental practice website...you'll find it hard to resist!
Marketing Your Dental Practice
By Karen Martin
The Smile Spa are an award-winning cosmetic and private dental practice in Stockton-on-Tees. Their philosophy is simple: treat others the way we expect to be treated ourselves. By adopting this way of thinking, they have recently been crowned Practice of the Year 2012/13 and picked up Best Marketing Award. We catch up with The Smile Spa to discuss marketing your dental practice
Marketing Strategy - Starting from a Solid Foundation in Your Dental Practice
By Andy McDougall
Marketing is a widely misunderstood concept often confused with selling, logos and advertising. In actual fact, it is one element of your overall business plan that supports how you will align your team, your services and your promise to your patients to fulfil your business goals. Business consultant Andy McDougall explains how you can create a solid foundation on which to build your marketing strategy.
How Will Patients Find Your Dental Practice On Facebook?
By Brendon Macdonald
Brendon Macdonald, from ApexHub, discusses Facebook 'Graph Search' - a powerful search function within the Facebook platform. 
How to write a press release
By Gemma Barker
Gemma Barker, Director of Barker PR, explains how a dental team can write a press release and use it to build the reputation of their practice and grow their patient base.
How to Use Twitter in Your Dental Practice
By Guy Levine
So, what is Twitter? Twitter is basically a messaging system where you can publish messages to a maximum of 140 characters. Still unsure? Read on to understand how it could work for your dental practice...
How to Use Social Media in Your Dental Practice
By Guy Levine
All aboard the social media train, a strange new phenomena of tweets, pokes, likes and check-ins. It does bring up a serious question. How do I use Facebook or Twitter, etc? Is Facebook, Twitter and other social media just for kids, or is it a bona-fide way of generating new patients and building stronger bonds with your current patients? Guy Levine finds out...
How to Use Linkedin for Your Dental Practice
By Guy Levine
LinkedIn is now considered to be the fastest growing business networking site on the web and provides a wide range of benefits to users. In many ways, it is the business equivalent of Facebook.Get to understand the new business networking tool.
How to Use Facebook in Your Dental Practice
By Guy Levine
Hints and tips for using Facebook
How to Blog For Your Dental Practice
By Guy Levine
Hints and tips on how to blog and write content that people are looking for
Social Media in Business
How the *Tweet* can Twitter Help?
By Brendon Macdonald
Brendon Macdonald from ApexHub chats through the question what is Twitter, the potential of using this social media channel to attract patients and discusses some the finer tactics that can be deployed as part of your dental practice social media strategy.
Front Desk Call Handling - The Wake Up Call!
By Les Jones
In 2011, leading dental consultant Sheila Scott completed a nationwide tour as the keynote speaker at Practice Plan's annual workshop tour. One of the fundamental subjects tackled was telephone skills and in particular, handling calls from prospective patients.
Effective communication with your patients
By Ashley Latter
Ashley Latter, known as 'The Selling Coach', specialises in coaching dentists, orthodontists and their teams to develop their sales and communication skills and customer care. He is also the author of 'Don't Wait for the Tooth Fairy'. We catch up with Ashley to hear what he has to say on effectively communicating with your patients...
Eating the Elephant - Patient Finance in the Dental Practice
By Simon Tucker
Simon Tucker discusses the benefits of breaking down the cost of treatment into bite-size chunks by offering interest-free patient finance. Allowing your patients to pay for the treatment they want or need in an affordable way and your practice to benefit from greater treatment uptake and enhanced cash flow.
A Guide to Planning an Open Day
By Practice Plan
Tackling the main aspects of why, what, how, who and when if considering an open day at the your dental practice
10 Things You Should Be Doing When You Blog
By Brendon Macdonald
Brendon Macdonald gives his ten top tips for using blogging as a proven way to help promote your team and your practice.