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Top Tips When Interviewing
- Questions Not to Ask
By Peninsula Business Service
The goal in every interview is to obtain important information whilst building a friendly rapport with the candidate, but the question is how do you achieve this? Here, Peninsula Business Services discuss why it's important to avoid discrimination and share the top five questions they recommend NOT to ask at any interview.
How easy is it to change the terms and conditions of employment?
By Peninsula Business Services
Peninsula Business Services discuss the best way to approach changing terms and conditions of employment in your dental practice.
2013 Employment Law Landscape - The End of Year Update
By Peninsula Business Services
2013 was particularly busy in terms of both the introduction of new employment law and amendments to existing rules. Practice Plan and Peninsula Business Services kept you updated with a breakdown of changes in law during 2013.
Leadership - What Makes a Great Leader of a Dental Practice?
By Ashley Latter
Leadership and management are delicate arts that require subtlety and skill. They can mystify and frustrate in equal measure. Some people just 'have it' - they possess the ability to lead or manage, or in special cases, both! But what is it they possess? Dental consultant Ashley Latter fills us in.
2013 Employment Law Landscape
By Peninsula Business Services
2013 shaped up to be a busy year in employment law, with changes that had an impact right the way through the employment relationship from recruitment to termination. Practice Plan and Peninsula Business Services kept you updated with employment law advice with a breakdown of changes in law that have already come into effect and the expected dates of those to come.
The Thin Line Between Monitoring and Snooping on Your Dental Team
By Peninsula Business Services
Do you know how extensively you can monitor an employee in the dental practice before it is classed as snooping? Can you access their emails, listen to calls, check their internet usage, etc - or do privacy laws prevent you from doing this? Covert monitoring is not likely to be considered an action of a reasonable employer in normal circumstances, so how do you find the correct balance? Peninsula Business Services explain the best approach to monitoring your employees whilst complying with privacy laws.
Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders; Get a Treatment Coordinator Role in Your Dental Practice
By Laura Horton
Dental practices are now aware that they have to operate in a very different way to previous decades. In fact, it is great to meet practice owners that are describing themselves as owning a dental business! In this article, Dental Consultant, Laura Horton discusses how practices are moving forward and why the Treatment Coordinator role helps to reduce your non-clinical workload.
The Seven Golden Teamwork Questions
By Chris Barrow
Chris Barrow reveals the seven frequently asked 'How's' and the seven golden rules for a successful team culture.
Moving Forward
By Laura Byrne
Within a year, Stoke Lane Dental Practice went from a partnership of five to a single sole owner. Anthea Hardiman tells us of her strong sense of duty to ensure the practice was kept alive and thriving for the patients and the journey that her team experienced.
Managing Absence - The Importance of Keeping Good Staff Absence Records
By Peninsula Business Services
Peninsula Business Services gives an overview on how to monitor and manage absenteeism at work, from genuine sickness against the odd 'sick day' that is becoming a regular occurrence.
Understanding the Key Employment Law Regulations During 2014
By Peninsula Business Services
Practice Plan and Peninsula Business Services discuss the forthcoming changes within the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, commonly known as (TUPE), and how they could affect a dental practice.
Is your Front Desk Run by Staff Robots?
By Emma John
Emma John, award-winning dental business manager and dental consultant, discusses the finer details of the dental practice front desk team, the importance of personal interaction with your patients and the key principles that your dental practice should get thinking about.
Interviewing Tips - Part One
By Peninsula Business Services
Peninsula Business Services discuss the types of questions an employer or interviewer might ask applicants during an interview. Are there positive and negative aspects of each and when is the best time to use them?
How To Handle Requests For Flexible Working
By Pensinsula Business Services
Unsure of how to handle requests for flexible working? Here, Practice Plan and Peninsula Business Services discuss what, by law, an employer should consider.
How to Find the Right Team
By Peter Done
Peter Done, Managing Director of Peninsula Business Services, offers advice on how to get the best out of an interview and how to choose the right candidate for the role within your dental practice.
How To Deal With... The One!
By Peninsula Business Services
There’s always one isn’t there? you know, the one who always arrives just that little bit later than everyone else; the one who lacks initiative; the one who always needs a gentle push in the right direction? They haven’t really done much wrong, but have they really done much right?
How to Create a Great Team
By Clare Downing
Clare Downing, Dental Marketing Consultant, discusses the key ingredients for the recipe to a successful team. With over thirty years' experience working across many industry sectors, working with different teams (good and bad), Clare argues that in any great team the emphasis and onus are on you as the team leader and your leadership skills. It's about how you behave and how you treat others.
How to Cope with Dental Staff Holidays
By Peninsula Business Services
Practice Plan and Peninsula Business Services explore the best way to deal with staff holidays in a small business, such as a dental practice. With staff having a legal requirement to at least 28 days' annual leave per year, it's not surprising that you might sometimes come across the situation when staff request holidays at the same time.
How to Control Tweeting in the Dental Practice
By Peninsula Business Services
Social media networking sites are maintaining their dominance amongst a huge number of people of all ages throughout the world as a method of communication and expression. Their impact on businesses is multifold and can provide employers with issues that cannot be avoided. Practice Plan and Peninsula Business Services explain how to mitigate any issues with Twitter.
How Attitudes Affect Dental Team Morale
By Peninsula Business Services
Attitudes can affect even the most successful of working environments; so, how do you deal with an employee who may feel disadvantaged or may have a chip on their shoulder but isn’t willing to bring it up? Peninsula Business Services explain the best approach to dealing with employee attitudes within the dental practice.
How a Dental Practice Won 'Employer of the Year'
By Les Jones
In 2010, at the Private Dentistry Awards, Michael Cahill of Cahill Dental Care Centre, won the prestigious award for Employer of the Year. Whilst it was Michael's name on the award, it was very much a team effort. He and his wife, Fiona, have built a team that is fully engaged in the future of the practice and totally committed to delivering excellent service to their patients. They're clearly doing something right, Les Jones went along to find out what...
Has Your Practice Lost the X-Factor?
By Fiona Stuart-Wilson
Fiona Stuart-Wilson, dental consultant, shares a case study on team morale. From identifying the problem and analysis to revealing the solution and the outcome.
Giving Negative Feedback to Your Dental Staff
By Peninsula Business Services
Giving feedback to an employee when they have done a good job is easy, employees are usually extremely receptive to praise and everybody likes to give good news. Negative feedback can be a little more tricky to give but, actually, is more vital because employees who are not pulling their weight, or not performing to your standards, need to be addressed for the good of your business.
Dealing With Employee Holidays
By Peninsula Business Services
Peninsula Business Services offer their advice on how to best deal with employees who want to book the same days off.
Are You Suffering with Employee Lateness?
By Peninsula Business Services
Peninsula Business Services explain how to mitigate any issues you might be facing with persistent employee lateness. Dealing with employees who are repeat offenders of persistent lateness can be quite challenging and a problem that can only be addressed with sound policies and procedures in place.
A Trusted Mark of Quality - The BDA Good Practice Scheme
At the heart of every successful small business is a happy and motivated team. Working through the British Dental Association (BDA) Good Practice Scheme practice self-assessment is the ultimate exercise in teamwork, and membership of the Scheme provides an opportunity for the whole team to celebrate their commitment to high standards.
A Case Study on Leadership - Mark Hill
By Les Jones
As prime location dental practices go, Churchill Way Dental Practice in Cardiff doesn’t get much more prime. The first floor practice looks out onto the road that bears its name, just 20 or 30 metres from Queen Street, the city’s main shopping street. The entrance is modest, the climb up the stairs has minimal whitewashed wooden panelling but the practice itself is crisp and bright and has the immediate atmosphere of being relaxed and welcoming.