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The Code of Practice for the Sale of Dental Plans
By Practice Plan
Practice Plan publish a Code of Practice that meets the practical needs of dentists promoting dental plans and addresses the concerns that the OFT flagged in a UK Dentistry Market report in 2012.
Why You Should Consider Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Dental Practice Strategy
By Les Jones
Back in May 2011, a team from Chipping Manor Dental Practice in Gloucestershire went to Bukumbi to renovate a run-down building into a gleaming new medical centre for the community. Shaenna Loughnane explains why the practice is so committed to helping others and why other practices should consider corporate social responsibility as a key element of their dental practice strategy.
Understanding GDPUK and its Impact in Dentistry
By Tony Jacobs
Tony Jacobs is a name that regularly appears in the dental industry. Not only is he a General Dental Practitioner and part-owner of a practice in Manchester, he's renowned for founding and running dental web forum GDPUK. Here, Tony talks about GDPUK and its impact on the dental industry.
Thoughts on the New NHS Dental Contract
By John Renshaw
John Renshaw has been a practising dentist for forty-four years. He is a past chairman of the BDA and has been involved in the politics of dentistry for thirty years, compaigning for positive change within the industry. Here, he puts forward his personal views on the likely structure and impact of the impending new NHS contract.
The Waiting Game
By Les Jones
As the NHS braces itself for the changes that will inevitably come with the coalition government, Andreas Giekcke and Pavle Srdanovic are confident that, whatever happens, they have the flexibility and focus to create a successful future for their group of practices in south Devon. Les Jones investigates...
The insulating properties of membership plans for dental practices
By Nigel Jones
The LaingBuisson report on the dental industry has provided as fascinating insight into the performance of the market and key pointers towards future trends. One significant finding of the report focuses on the relatively strong performance of dental practices with healthy membership plans, despite the economic pressures of the past few years. Nigel Jones takes a look at the story behind the figures. 
Taking the Leap from NHS to Private
By John Whittaker
Making the difficult decision to convert to private practice is no small matter. It’s a move that, for some, can seem daunting when trying to decide which direction they want to take their practice. As the elements that will go to make up the new NHS contract are still being piloted, there is a pot of intrigue and unanswered questions about its final shape that is adding even more uncertainty about how best to prepare for the future. Here John Whittaker recalls his conversion, his fears and what helped to over come them.
Succession Planning
By Graham Penfold
Retirement is something that comes to us all at some point and it is clearly a major life-changing issue. It involves many aspects of change but for principals and partners of a dental practice, one main area will be selling the goodwill of the practice, as well as possibly the property, and finding a successor to care for their patients.
Starting a Dental Practice of Your Own
The Private Squat
By Graham Penfold
One question that is often asked is, 'I am thinking of starting a dental practice, most likely a private squat, what advice would you give?' It is, of course, both a very broad question as well as a very important one as it is one of the biggest business decisions that an individual is likely to make. There are a number of areas that need to be addressed when thinking of starting a dental practice and they are worth exploring in some depth.
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
By Nigel Jones
As the new NHS contract comes over the horizon, many NHS dentists are starting to thinking about the benefits of converting to private practice. However, its a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Nigel Jones provides an overview of the key decision points to consider and how best to approach a move away from the NHS.
Recipe For Success - Recruiting Patients to Your Dental Membership Plan
By Les Jones
Many practices offer a dental membership plan to their patients, but not all have the right approach to communicating the benefits of it and, as a result, signing patients up on a consistent basis. White House Dental in Hertfordshire have, without a doubt, found the right formula for success. Les Jones popped along to meet the team and discover their secrets.
Master Class
By Les Jones
Professor Eddie Lynch is Head of Dentistry at Warwick University. The postgraduate master's degrees the university offers are helping to expand the skills and knowledge of many hundreds of dentists and are, in turn, improving the sustainability and profitability of their practices. Les Jones caught up with Eddie at Warwick University and also spoke with a few dentists who have benefitted from the courses on offer.
How to Recruit More Patients onto Your Dental Membership Plans
By Graham Penfold
Dentists often comment that they would like to recruit more patients onto their practice dental membership plans but are uncertain about how to set about achieving this. There are ways of optimising dental membership plan uptake, all of which can start by deciding on an objective and clear action plan.
Have You Got a Plan For the Future?
By Laura Byrne
More and more dentists are converting to a dental membership plan-based practice. Laura Byrne puts the case as to the benefits a membership plan can provide.
Examining the Key Areas of Conversion to Private Practice
By Sheila Scott
For many practices with a heavy reliance on NHS contracts the grass of private practice may well be looking a lot greener in light of recent government announcements on the future of NHS dentistry. However, a successful transition to private practice requires careful consideration and meticulous preparation. Sheila Scott examines some of the key areas to think about.
Developing Your Exit Strategy
By Anne Barker
Where are you going with your dental business? Just started out, or are you nearing the point where you wish to give it all up? Perhaps you are somewhere in between and not really thinking too much about your exit from the practice you are investing your time in. At whatever stage you find yourself at the moment, it makes good business sense to plan your exit strategy at an early stage if possible. Anne Barker explains...
Defining what you want out of practice life
By Nigel Jones
It's clearly a challenging time for many practitioners, whether you see patients largely on a private basis or through the NHS. Nigel Jones discusses the challenges dentists are facing and the options to consider.
Define, Measure and Improve
By Michelle Hardy
Michelle Hardy investigates why those managing practice's tend to pay more attention to increasing their new patients numbers and less to increasing the amount of treatment plan conversions they receive.
A journey of evolution - areas to consider when converting From NHS to private practice
By Nigel Jones
Nigel Jones discusses the conversion journey from NHS to private practice and the two key areas to consider along the way.
12 Tips to increase your patient membership plan
By Ashley Latter
12 Tips on Customer Retention and Attracting New Patients
By Amarjit Gill
It's a challenging future for many dentists as the economy continues to bump along the bottom. It will take creativity and hard work to retain existing patients and attract new ones, but it can be done. Amarjit Gill gives us twelve things to think about that might make the journey a little easier.
Solving Problems Creatively in Your Dental Practice
By Carol Groombridge
Carol Groombridge walks us through what to do when things dont go according to plan in a dental practice. Ensuring that when something does go wrong, that the fix applied is a good one and it is sustainable.