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By Amarjit Gill
As dentists face a challenging year, Amarjit Gill looks into the future and makes some predictions and observations about emerging trends and developments in dentistry.
By Nigel Jones
It's clearly a challenging time for many practitioners, whether you see patients largely on a private basis or through the NHS. Nigel Jones discusses the challenges dentists are facing and the options to consider.
By Practice Plan
Now that the Care Quality Commission inspections are in full swing, what has been happening? Well, there have been a significant sample of practices visited and whilst there will always be variations given the number of inspectors involved, there are some clear trends emerging. We caught up with a few practices who had been CQC'd early in the process to get their experiences.
By Pat Langley
Chief Executive of Apolline, Pat Langley discusses the finer detail of CQC and HTM 01-05 and how they link together.
By Apolline
Highlighting any changes to the dental decontamination guidance HTM 01-05
By Pat Langley
Pat Langley talks quality... discussing what it actually might mean, getting to grips with CQC framework and how, by measuring and managing, you can make it all a benefit to your dental practice.
By Apolline
Understanding the regulations that took effect on 11th May 2013 to control the risk posed by needles and other sharps used in healthcare, our business partner Apolline, review the regulations and offer guidance on what action, as a dental practice, you are required to take.